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We’re the Most Affordable Car Rental Agency on The Big Island of Hawaii

Big Island Auto Rentals is the car rental agency in Hawaii with the best rates, deals, and Low-Cost Guarantee. We provide good autos at great prices.  

Big Island Auto Rentals Car Rental Agency

Aloha. Big Island Auto Rentals provides the most affordable rental cars on the island. Our car rental agency office is located in Hilo, Hawaii. We provide helpful services to our clients.

We offer to deliver our rental vehicles to you when you arrive. We also pick them up after your reservation is over. Both drop-off and pick-up are available at an extremely reasonable price. 

Whether you’re living on the island or coming to visit, you can be sure that Big Island Auto Rentals will treat you like a local. We have locally-styled cars available at great rates so you can afford your time here on the island. 

It is expensive to stay and live in Hawaii. When you book with us you will save money. Spend your extra cash on good food and lively experiences instead.

Our Rates, Deals, and Low-Cost Guarantee

Our car rental agency has great rates. We provide the most affordable prices on The Big Island of Hawaii. We offer long-term rental deals as well. Our rates get much more affordable when you book a car for a week or longer.

Check out our prices below. See how you will save money when you reserve a rental car with Big Island Auto Rentals. 

Basic Car
Three Days$150 
Basic Car
Basic Sedan
Mid-range Sedan or SUV 
4×4 or Van 
Basic Sedan
Mid-range Sedan or SUV 
4×4 or Van
Prices are subject to change. Contact us at 1-808-936-6347 for a local car rental quote today.

Not only do we have affordable rates and deals, but we also offer a Low-Cost Guarantee.

Big Island Auto Rentals Low-Cost Guarantee

Our Low-Cost Guarantee makes us the most affordable car rental agency on the island. If you ever find a rate that is lower than ours — Big Island Auto Rentals will match that price and offer you a discount on top of it.

Good Autos at Great Prices

Finally, what makes our car rental agency different is that we have a local style. Rather than offer expensive cars at expensive prices — we provide good autos at great prices.

Our affordable rates are helpful to our clients that want to save money. Bigger car rental agency companies refer their clients to us. Whenever their rates are too expensive, their clients book their rental vehicles with Big Island Auto Rentals.

In the end, our mission is to get you good autos at great prices because we want you to enjoy your time on the island. If most of your vacation money is going to a car rental vehicle — how are you going to enjoy your time?

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159 Kekuanaoa Street

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