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Full Pricing Guide

Big Island Auto Rentals

Hilo Car Rental and Kona Car Rental

Big Island Auto Rentals


We have reliable used cars that we rent at a big discount when compared to the major companies. If you’re looking to save some money and support small local business, please contact us regarding your Big Island Car Rental. Hilo airport pick-up is not a problem. (fee for Kona) Please contact us for a reservation and quote at 808-938-8084

We accept credit cards and cash and sometimes barter.

Toyota Avalon Car six seater or 2×4 04 Rodeo


Cell 808-938-8084

4×4 Trooper

4×4 Isuzu Trooper great for exploring the island. plenty of room for car camping or bringing the tribe and new friends along.

***4×4 may be an extra charge.

Products Auto Rentals on the Big Island Hawaii. Kona and Hilo and Puna. Basic Rate are as follows: $200 a week  Payment is required in advance for discounts. Deposit  to cover additional charges (parking, late ,gas, damages) To reserve a vehicle Payment is due in full Pick up service may be an additional fee. We accept Credit cards/ Cash/ Paypal/ Barter

Contact Info

Phone 808-938-8084