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Why Big Island Auto Rentals Is the Best Car Hire Company in Hawaii

Here are the reasons why Big Island Auto Rentals is the best car hire company for your travel to Hawaii.

Big Island Auto Rentals

To begin, the reason why Big Island Auto Rentals is the best car hire company in Hawaii is that we have offered vehicles for rent since 2012. After a decade of serving people from around the world, we know how to treat our customers right. Plus, we’ve discovered the reasons why we’ve been around for this long. Read this blog post to see how we can best serve you for your transportation needs. Mahalo.

Best-Priced Car Hire Company

When you research online, you’ll find that we are the best-priced local car hire company in Hawaii. We want locals and tourists to experience the island at affordable rental vehicle rates. Our business is the preferred choice for many people that live here as well as visitors alike because of our great prices.

Whether you are visiting or living on The Island of Hawaii, we all know that it is already expensive to be here as it is. So, if you’re planning a trip here or need transportation — you’ve come to the right place. As the best car hire company in Hawaii, we make sure to keep our rental fees as inexpensive as possible.

We have excellent daily rates. However, the longer that you reserve a rental, the more affordable the prices get. Starting at $250 per week, you can take our rental vehicles around the island and save money.

Price Match Guarantee

The reason why we are the most affordable car rental company on The Big Island of Hawaii is because of our low price guarantee. It makes us the best car hire company around. If you find a rental car rate from another company, contact us with the price and we will beat it by offering a discount on top of the same total cost.

Local Style Vehicles

When you reserve a rental car with Big Island Auto Rentals, you’ll feel comfortable driving our vehicles around town. Gear up with a local-styled car to travel from destination to destination. You won’t feel out of place when visiting local spots.

We offer SUVs, sedans, 4x4s, trucks, and a variety of other vehicles to meet your unique transportation needs. They all will make you feel like a part of the island’s family. If you need a specific type of automobile, contact us today by calling 808-938-8084.

Delivery — Drop Off & Pick Up

Not only do we have affordable prices and local-styled vehicles, but another reason that makes us the best car hire company in Hawaii is our service. At Big Island Auto Rentals, we want your rental car to be a convenience for your travel adventure.

Rather than waiting in line and filling out essential documents at an office, complete your reservation online at our website Afterward, let us know where you’d like your rental vehicle dropped off. This service is for an extremely reasonable price. We deliver to Hilo, Puna, and Kona.

Lastly, we are looking forward to hearing from you. So, schedule your reservation today. If you prefer, we do have a physical location in Hilo, Hawaii. The office is open by appointment only. Feel free to call us for a meeting anytime. Aloha.

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Office (Appointment Only)

159 Kekuanaoa Street

Hilo, Hawaii 96720


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